Kits of the Future: Five Kits We Think You’ll See on the Shelves by 2020

kits of the futureFrom the first-aid kit to the Bark Box, consumers love the convenience of having their products bundled into kits. But what are the kits that we’ll all be talking about tomorrow? What kits will become indispensable to us by 2020 and beyond? Here are some kits you may be stocking in your home in the near future.

Disaster Kits

Flooding, earthquakes, typhoons…there’s no way to get away from natural disasters. All you can do is prepare for survival. By 2020, governments may offer free disaster kits to citizens in disaster-prone areas around the world. These kits may include all of your standard survival items and will contain a transistor locator. This locator allows rescue professionals to locate you under crumbled buildings or if you’ve been washed out to sea.

Personal and Home Security Kits

There’s no question that fear sells. By 2020 expect to see home security companies selling alarm systems kitted with customized personal weapons, night vision glasses, pepper spray and long-distance stun guns. Though the world is a lot safer than the media would have us believe, selling fear is still big business.

Self-Driven Car Kit

Self-driven cars are currently tested at several universities around the country. By 2020 they’ll be ready for courageous consumers. It won’t take long for companies to start offering self-driving car kits. As you may guess, the kits will include everything you can do in a taxi or an RV like reading and sleeping. Kits will include pillows, a favorite book or movie, and toiletries for those long-haul trips.

Space Travel Kit

Every year brings us closer to affordable space tourism, and space travel kits will be a must for those who book cruises out above the Earth’s atmosphere. The kit will probably have all the basics and plenty of liquids to keep you hydrated. It may also contain high-calorie meals and maybe even a VR headset so you can view video messages from your family or take a “vacation” from your space vacation on a sunny virtual beach.

Disease Treatment Kits

As healthcare companies strive to differentiate themselves in the market, disease-specific recovery kits could be promoted heavily in 2020. For instance, to assist you in recovering your health from depression, insurance companies could send you a convenient kit with your prescription medications, accompanied by a therapeutic light box, depression-relieving vitamins, a tip sheet, and a Fitbit to encourage exercising.  A diabetic kit could include insulin, syringes, glucose meters, foot cream, and alcohol swabs, as well as snacks to keep your levels normal.

While the contents of kits may evolve in the future, there is no question that kits are here to stay. At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, we’ve been in the business of helping small businesses like yours develop new kits for decades. Visit us for a free tour of our facilities and speak with one of our specialists about your next kitting project.