Industrial Packaging Spotlight: Soda Can

downloadThe humble soda can has become so much a part of our everyday lives what we never stop to think about why it’s such a great packaging solution. Before the soda can, most soft drinks came in glass bottles. Those made for hazardous shipping and packaging conditions. Lots of soda was wasted, profits were lost, and glass got everywhere. So what was the solution?

Well, soda manufacturers turned to the tried and true food packaging solution: the tin can. It was more durable than glass bottles, stacked more easily, and weighed less. The trouble was that product’s flavor could be ruined by chemical reactions between the soda and the metal, so it took the introduction of the interior plastic or waxy liner to make this a viable beverage solution. When prohibition ended in 1933, the first beverage to get the canning treatment was the country’s most popular beverage – beer.

Though canning beverages was great for shipping and storage, it still wasn’t very convenient. Can openers were still required to open many canned beverages. Others innovated with a soda can opening style that was more like the crimped caps on bottles – but those required a bottle opener. The inconvenience to consumers and metallic taste of beverages stored in cans that hadn’t been lined properly made the soda can as a packaging solution slow to catch on. By World War II, only about 10% of beverage containers were made with metal, and this percentage dropped again as metal was funneled into the war effort.

What really revolutionized the canned beverage industry was the invention of the pull-tab in 1959. Concerns about litter and choking hazards – pull-tabs could be removed from the can and discarded – led to the invention of the stay-tab in the mid-1970’s, which eventually came to replace and fully dominate the way we tap into our beverages today.

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