Industrial Packaging Spotlight: The Gift Wrap Industry

Wrapping paper shares the same benefits and drawbacks of the rest of the packaging we have featured here in our continuing series. It serves a one-time purpose, and though it can and should be reused, it very often isn’t. Still, wrapping paper remains both functional and festive, and it’s that pairing that has made its manufacturing into a massive industry. In fact, the wrapping paper industry generates 2.4 billion dollars every year – that’s a lot of holiday cheer!

The practice of wrapping up gifts is actually a very old one. In Korea, the bojagi – a reusable cloth wrap – has been in use since the first century A.D. But our modern conception of disposable wrapping paper came in vogue during the Victorian period when the production of paper wrapping – while still expensive – was somewhat more practical to produce.

As the cost of wrapping paper went down, stores would often use it to wrap customer purchases. These wrapping papers could be reused at home to wrap parcels and even gifts when paired with a festive bow. The wrapping paper we have come to know and love was actually the brainchild of two brothers, owners of the Hallmark store, who sold out of the tissue paper commonly used to wrap gifts. Needing a quick solution, they chose to sell sheets of decorative paper used to line envelopes instead. The paper became so popular that other stores soon took note, and manufacturers jumped on the new use for the lining paper.

See how wrapping paper is made today in this quick video:

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