Industrial Packaging Spotlight: Cardboard

Cardboard has been a reliable packaging solution since 1817, so you’re likely no stranger to its use as a go-to packaging solution. In addition to packaging items from the warehouse to a distributor, cardboard is also used to package items from the distributor to your door. That means that more cardboard is being created, used, and thrown away today than ever before. If you’re like most Americans in the aftermath of the holidays, you’re probably knee-deep in the cardboard boxes used to pack and ship all your holiday gifts.

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we love supporting green initiatives, and encourage the reuse and recycling of all of our packaging products. In fact, every year we recycle over 47 million pounds of donated products! Thankfully, cardboard is fully recyclable, and about 77% of cardboard used in the United States is recycled every year. Cardboard can also be reused to package up other items, put away supplies in your house, or used as a weed barrier covered in mulch in your garden.

What happens to all the cardboard you choose to recycle instead of reuse? It’s all turned back into pulp and turned into paper products like tissue paper, printer paper and… more cardboard boxes!

Check out this paper and cardboard recycling plant in action:

No matter what, we’re all better off as we continue to educate ourselves about the virtues of recycling. We at Ohio Valley Goodwill will continue to play our part in supporting green initiatives and choosing packaging options for use that can be reused and recycled. Are you ready to discuss your company’s custom packaging options? Let’s talk!