Incredible Scale & Flexibility: Why Korber Models Chooses Goodwill Industrial Services

Korber Models specializes in the creation and sale of railroad models. Since 1979, they have been creating detailed, easy to build scaled structures to help model railroad enthusiasts bring their passion to life. The fulfillment needs of such a company are especially unique, as the parts and pieces for the individual models come from many different manufactures, and all of them have to be assembled into kits and shipped out as customers order them. It was a job large enough that Redmond could not do it cost-efficiently by himself, but small enough that many large fulfillment companies weren’t interested in partnering with him.logo

That’s where Goodwill Industrial Services stepped in. Redmond first heard about Goodwill Industrial Services in 2012. Originally from upstate New York, he was familiar with another community organization that provided similar work to veterans and people with disabilities in that area. He moved to Cincinnati and began to search for companies that provided similar services with the same benefit of employing people in the community. He soon discovered Goodwill Industrial Services and reached out and started a conversation about their mutual needs.

“Any time you have a partner, you have to make sure it’s a good fit,” Redmond said. “It’s got to be economical, and the quality has to be there. It was clear after our visit that this was an organization of substance and integrity and process. The fact that there was a mission that benefited others, that was kind of a nice side benefit, which always made you feel good about doing business with them.”

Redmond never had any concerns about working with Goodwill Industrials Services, as he trusted the company’s name and long experience working with the business community. “I was never worried about my inventory being stored there,” Redmond said. “You can go to lots of places where people outsource stuff and sometimes you can worry about your things that are there. But with the guys at Goodwill that one never even entered my mind. It was clear that it was a real topside organization and a good fit for what we were doing.”

The ability to scale up and down operations as orders came in was a big benefit for Redmond as well. “One of the nice things about working with Goodwill,” he said, “is that you have access to a fairly large pool of resources that scales up and down based on your use. So you’re not paying people to sit around and wait for something to happen. When you need a bunch of things done, they have access to a pool of resources to be able to get them done in an organized fashion. So, if you’re a small business such as the one that we have, this just gives you incredible flexibility in a cost-effective manner. The other thing is that you get access to the caliber of people that a lot of small businesses couldn’t hire. Goodwill has some really sharp people who have manufacturing backgrounds and supervisory backgrounds, and it gives you the confidence that, irrespective of whose hands are actually putting pieces in the box or putting the box in the mail, you’ve got this great resource that brings a ton of experience to bear to make your processes more efficient, to make sure your quality is where it needs to be, and to do so in a really effective manner.”

Redmond is passionate in his support of Goodwill, and wants to ensure that more small business owners take advantage of its services. “There are lots of choices you have in business,” Redmond said, “and finding partners to work with can be a challenge. Goodwill does business with integrity. They provide you with incredible scale and flexibility. And as an added bonus, the benefits of all the different industrial programs, the auto auction – all these different programs – help people with disabilities and homelessness. There’s always a place in your heart that feels good when you’re helping others. It’s one of those rare cases where you’re benefiting the business and helping people less fortunate at the same time.”

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