How to Woo Customers to Your Online Business

Female entrepreneur using mobile phone in creative office space

If you have started or are planning to start an online business, it’s important to consider how you are going to drive potential customers to your website. Here are some ways to generate more traffic – and more revenue – to your burgeoning business.

Be where your customers are. How do your customers consume media? Are they on Facebook all day? Snapchat? Are you more likely to reach them on their commute via billboard? It’s vital to maintain a social or ad presence in the places where your customers are more likely to be. Just having a website isn’t enough today, as you are competing with trillions of other pages. Target influencers who have large online followings and send them free product samples or request a product review. Attend tradeshows and promote your product and your website directly. Find out where your customers are, and ensure all of your messages are there for them to see.

Provide prompt service to generate referrals. When you’re working with a limited staff, it can be tough to pack and ship all of your orders yourself. Significant numbers of online business owners are also trying to juggle a more traditional job and family life. Remember that many consumers order products online because they want them quickly and conveniently.  Small companies like Korber Models relied on outsourcing their product kitting and packaging to an outsourcing organization, Ohio Valley Goodwill Industrial Services, which could get products in the mail soon after they were ordered. If you can’t provide great service on your own, reach out to other organizations for help.

Make the ordering process easy and pleasant. If you provide an online store for purchasing items, consider how easy it is for customers to order your products. Will they have to enter their personal information every time, or can you provide the option to save it? Do they have the ability to use third party payment companies like Paypal to reduce the number of clicks they must make to purchase an item? Is the return process easy? The more enjoyable it is for customers to order from your company, the more likely they are to return and recommend you to others.