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How to Satisfy Customers’ Need for Fast Shipping

Today, more and more consumers come to expect the convenience of fast, free shipping from online retailers. A recent survey from Retail TouchPoints found that 65% of consumers want greater shipment flexibility and 61% want faster deliveries. Is your e-commerce business struggling to keep up with your customers’ demand for faster delivery? The following tips will help your business overcome common fulfillment and delivery challenges:

Give customers options

When it comes to shipping, today’s consumers want options. Make sure you’re providing options to your customers for fast shipping speed, even if it means charging extra. If you can’t extend free shipping to your entire customer base, consider offering your most loyal customers free or discounted shipping to reward them for their frequent orders.

Communicate throughout the fulfillment and delivery process

It’s essential to provide clear communication to your customers about your business’s shipping capabilities. Make sure your customers know the date and time they can expect to receive their orders and provide tracking numbers once their order has shipped. Maintaining communication with your customers will show them that you truly value their business.

Accelerate order fulfillment by outsourcing

If your in-house staff is overwhelmed by high volumes of incoming orders, partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) partner may be the right solution. By outsourcing order fulfillment to a 3PL, you avoid the need to rent an expensive warehouse and hire and train extra employees, saving your business time and reducing overhead costs. You can leave it to the experts to handle high volumes of orders, helping expedite the fulfillment process, avoid costly errors, and ensure your customers receive their deliveries on time.

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