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How to Find Top Talent on a Small Business Budget

With limited recruiting budgets, many small
businesses have a hard time competing against larger companies for top talent.
Never fear—you can still add quality workers to your team when you think
outside of the box.

For instance, many businesses are striving to
hire more workers from the millennial generation. Now that many from this
generation are now in their 30’s, they are confident, team-oriented,
tech-savvy, and ready, willing and able to take on new challenges, making them
great additions to the working world.

Millennials also have high expectations of
their workplaces and will trade top pay for a better “work-life” balance.
That’s good news for businesses with a smaller budget. Still, big competitors
are going to be able to offer an attractive total package. Small businesses
need to be thoughtful and strategic to recruit their next top talent.

Let’s take a look at some best practices to
consider when recruiting millennials:


Personal time is important to millennials,
and they aren’t willing to sacrifice it for long hours or being on call 24/7. A
flexible work schedule is a compelling benefit.

Another way to attract candidates is by
offering a generous vacation plan. Offering two to three weeks of paid vacation
time is a good way to draw potential candidates to your business.

job satisfaction

Today’s workers are less patient than previous
generations, and many are unwilling to wait a long time for learning and
leadership opportunities. If you can offer a faster-moving career path with
opportunities for learning new skills, enhancing strengths, and steadily
advancing through the ranks, you could score that top candidate.


A company’s culture and the ability to help
shape their ideal work environment is crucial to millennial workers. Before
they agree to join a company, they will want to know if their values mesh with
yours. Will they fit in and feel a connection with your company? Does your
company value personal growth as much as professional achievements? Is the
atmosphere open, transparent, and socially connected?

One way a candidate can get a feel for your
company culture is via your online presence on social media and your website.
Make sure you are reflecting your company and its culture on these sites.


a limited hiring budget, focusing on finding a few high-quality candidates
rather than a massive slate of them is an effective strategy. Forgo the
expensive online job boards and obtain referrals from colleagues, friends, and
networking contacts instead.

Another way to hire top talent on a small
budget is by considering contract labor outsourcing. Contract labor solutions
offer specialized workforces that have the particular skills you are looking
for and come at a price you can afford. You are likely to find your small
hiring dollars stretch further and put you on an even playing level with
competitors when you outsource.

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