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How to Build a Quality Team on a Small Business Budget

In today’s business
world, people must have the ability to interact with each other across diverse
roles and skills to produce common goals. This describes how quality teams
operate, with employees working together to crosshatch new ideas and solve

One of the essential
goals of any company should be to foster these harmonic and productive teams to
continually create new value for the business. Unfortunately, quality teams
don’t, as a rule, make themselves! Cultivating teamwork starts at the top, and best
of all, it doesn’t have to cost a bundle.

Let’s look at how small
business leaders can prioritize this critical management function — even on a
limited budget. 

Strike a balance between
employee bonding and team building

Often, companies confuse
team-building activities with normal socializing between employees. While both
can contribute to a winning company culture, they serve different purposes.

Most of us enjoy working
with people we know enough about to be comfortable. Spending time together and
socializing in a non-work setting can break down barriers and help us bond more
closely with our co-workers. 

Employee bonding has many
emotional and psychological benefits and creates opportunities for workers to
get to know each other better. But, it won’t teach employees how to work
together more cohesively as a unit. Companies looking for teamwork that improves
real work tasks need to also build activities around practical work

When you’re budgeting to
build quality teams, make sure you are considering both these team bonding and
building opportunities.

Build a more productive

When some business
leaders think of team-building activities, they may conjure up images of
expensive, offsite events facilitated by corporate team-building event
companies. But, as at least one investigator discovered, these types of events
aren’t so effective at building quality teams.

A better approach is to
focus teams on real-world business issues, like setting company goals,
strategic planning, reducing costs, or streamlining workflow. These are
relevant tasks the business should already be tackling, but frequently get lost
in the shuffle of the everyday workload.

Is it necessary to go
offsite to accomplish these planning activities? Taking employees away from
their everyday surroundings can certainly spur engagement and a fresh
perspective. Businesses can realize similar results, however, in their own
workspaces. What’s critical to successful team building is providing dedicated
time for the members to interact with each other. 

The right type of
team-building activity boosts productivity, and morale. Every member of a team,
regardless of their skills or background, has something unique to offer.
Teammates walk away knowing they’ve contributed to the company’s goals, and
they accomplished that goal by working together. And,
businesses that know how to build great teams are more likely to produce great

Gain access to an
existing pool of talented workers

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