How the Right Fulfillment Service Can Help Your Business Increase Revenue

order fulfillment servicesEvery small business owner wants to grow revenue. But did you know that getting the right fulfillment service to fulfill orders to customers is actually a great way to achieve that?

When you choose the right fulfillment service you can:

Save money to invest in growth. The greatest benefit to using a fulfillment service is simply that it can save you money. It’s much easier to call on a fulfillment service which already has the skilled employees available for your project than to identify, train, and retain employees on a per-project bases. The ramp up and ramp down times alone can eat into any potential profits. Instead, you can use your savings on investing in new products, services, or positions that can fuel growth.

Free up your work force to engage in growth activities. By using a fulfillment service, you can free up your existing employees to research and engage in growth opportunities, such as new product research and design. Trying to find and train employees who can perform many different roles – including fulfillment – might seem like it will save your business money in the short term, but acquiring specialists who excel at supercharging business growth will pay off in the long run.

Improve customer relationships to encourage upselling. Happy existing customers are your biggest advantage as a small business owner. These are the people who will go out and tell their friends to buy your products or learn more about your service. As a general rule, about 80% of the business that most companies do comes from just 20% of their customers. Keep that 20% happy and they will keep you afloat. Invest in rewards programs, service calls, and other customer-retention activities instead of in-house fulfillment and watch your customer loyalty – and your bottom line – grow.

Every fulfillment house is different. But at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, we are confident that our century of business experience makes us uniquely qualified to understand the needs of small business owners like you who are seeking fulfillment services. We have a motivated workforce standing by that we can scale up or down based on the needs of your project. Ready to learn more? Come take a free tour of our facilities.