How Fulfillment Services Transformed the Global Economy

Humanity is constantly looking for ways to get people what they need faster and more economically. Today, we even have billionaires competing to launch rocket into space to get us where we want to go more quickly. How about New York to London in just one hour? It has a nice ring to it, and Airbus is already on the case. Fulfillment services like these will only continue to transform our global economy.

As the distance between cities grows smaller due to faster travel times, it’s introduced a number of ways for businesses to introduce more efficiencies into their businesses. WheTrucks resizedther it’s urgent medical supplies or holiday gifts, we now get what we need faster than ever.

The past is populated with colorful, often daring, delivery methods: ocean-traversing ships and stagecoach drivers for Wells Fargo in the 1850s were earnest to get packages delivered faster, but it wasn’t until the arrival of the airplane that the world truly became smaller.

The key to faster deliveries was the so-called spoke-hub distribution paradigm, which was utilized by Delta Air Lines in 1955, and in the mid-1970s by Federal Express (as FedEx was known then). This sped up delivery times while bringing terms like “overnight delivery” into the common language. But as progress marches on, the world is sure to shrink a little more. So again we see that fulfillment services are looking for solutions in the skies. made a big splash in the news when they announced a plan to debut drone deliveries in one hour. So far, Amazon says the deliveries will be limited to 5 pounds within a 10-mile radius of the warehouse. But the online giant will have competition from Google’s parent company Alphabet and Walmart. Exciting times are in store for fulfillment centers and customers alike.

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