How Alternatives to Bubble Wrap Are Helping Small Businesses Save the World

Packaging solutions; bubble wrap alternativesBubble wrap is among the most beloved packaging materials, not just for its ability to safely cushion shipments, but in how satisfying it is for end users to sit around popping it. Entertainment value aside, however, bubble wrap itself is not the most cost-efficient or sustainable packaging type.

The shift to an easier-to-ship and more affordable packaging type took many years of research and development. Sealed Air, the original creators of bubble wrap, designed a new type of bubble wrap that can be shipped flat and inflated at the packaging center.

This saves businesses money on shipping, and saves Sealed Air the extra step of inflating the bubbles. Plastic sheeting and air take up far less space in landfills than, say, foam peanuts. For better or worse, this new type of bubble wrap is much more difficult to pop, too, as all of the bubbles are interconnected. That’s great news for businesses that want to ensure products reach consumers in great shape. Alas, it’s bad news for customers who really like popping bubble wrap!

However, even with all of these advances, bubble wrap accounts for less than 15% of the revenue generated by Sealed Air. That’s because they continue to produce and invest in new types of packaging as well. Their latest is a mushroom-based packaging that’s totally biodegradable and used to package heavier objects that require more support in transit.

With so many new packaging options in use and on the horizon, it’s important for small business owners to look into all of their options. That’s where the packaging experts at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries come in. We have a century of business experience that we’re ready to put to work for you! Take a free tour of our facilities and speak with our packaging professionals – we’re sure to find the right solution for your next project.