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Growing Your Workforce on a Small Business Budget

As your small business begins to grow, you may find that you need to hire more employees to keep your business on track. But with limited time and resources, small business owners struggle to add the right number of talented staff to their company. Outsourcing labor to a third party provider can help your business maintain its growth goals without sacrificing valuable time and resources. Here are a few ways outsourcing labor can benefit your business:


Save time and effort

One of the most challenging aspects of adding new employees is the process of recruiting and hiring the right talent. Acquiring a qualified, experienced staff takes time, energy, and money. Skip the hassle of recruiting and hiring by partnering with a trusted outsourcing provider for skilled labor projects.


Retain top talent

Along with the challenge of recruiting, hiring, and training new employees, retaining top talent plays a critical role in the growth and success of your small business.. Small businesses usually cannot afford a high turnover rate since finding replacement workers is so expensive and time-consuming. Avoid this problem by outsourcing labor to a trusted third party provider. When you outsource through a company like Ohio Valley Goodwill, you don’t need to worry about recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining new employees for tasks like assembly, fulfillment, or packaging. Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core competencies while our experienced staff handles your business’s needs.


Access to a large labor pool

When you need to hire a large number of skilled workers for your business, the traditional process of recruiting, hiring, and training employees may not be feasible. However, when you outsource labor through a trusted third party, your business gains access to a large, talented labor pool as well as the equipment necessary to complete assembly, packaging, and fulfillment projects of any size.


At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, our Industrial Services Division has more than 100 years of experience helping businesses just like yours meet goals and continue to grow. Our experienced labor force has the experience and dedication to complete complex projects on time and within your budget. Are you ready to find the outsourcing solution that works for you? Contact us to arrange a free tour of our facilities and learn how we can help today.