Workers processing boxes on conveyor belt in distribution warehouse

Grow Your Business with Industrial Packaging

Did you know that packaging can have a significant impact on your business? Packaging is more than great design; it also refers to the method and materials used to protect and display a product. Great packaging will not only help your product stand out on the store shelves – it can also help your business grow.

Industrial packaging methods such as shrink wrapping can help your business enter larger markets and protect products from damage in transport. For example, when companies want to start selling their products in bigger stores, they often require specialty packaging that bundles multiple items together to be shipped in large quantities.

When Gold Star Chili needed a packaging solution to assemble larger 15-ounce cans of chili for retail sale, they contacted Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division to help. The cans needed to be assembled and packaged into multi-packs to be distributed to warehouse club stores.

“We were really looking for a way to keep our costs low while making the multi-packs,” said Samir Daoud, Director of Franchise Development and Sales for Gold Star Chili. “Goodwill made the process easy from start to finish and was able to keep our costs very low.”

Partnering with Ohio Valley Goodwill for industrial packaging services allowed Gold Star Chili to enter the warehouse club store market and reach more customers.

“Goodwill Industries filled a void we were desperately needing,” Daoud said. “Before, we were running into roadblocks, but now we can sell our product at a cost that is really competitive.”

Does your business need help with an industrial packaging project? Ohio Valley Goodwill can handle your packaging projects of any size. Contact us today to set up a free tour of our facilities and learn more about our packaging solutions for businesses.