Going Green… It’s THE FUTURE

It’s the future and we should all have flying cars right now. Wouldn’t George Jetson be so disappointed? It may be true that flying cars are a ways off, but we can still get jazzed about one thing: drone delivery.

Having a little mechanical whirlybird do a fly-by and drop off that gotta-have-it-RIGHT-NOW item is sure to be a hit. Better yet, it could be a hit for the environment, too.

We approve. Yep, we have a soft spot for Mother Earth, and we’ve got the stats to prove it. Goodwill is one of the nation’s largest recycling organizations, and we welcome all developments that will reduce costs, save millions of tons of carbon, and lessen the burning of fossil fuels. And that doesn’t even touch upon convenience, but we’re just cool with the fact that we can invent new ways to better treat our environment.

While some of this stuff is a ways off, Goodwill is here now to help out on fulfillment services the old fashioned way: hard workers who help you knock out your kitting, assembly, and fulfillment needs. Our teams are experts at taking on these tasks — so you can outsource your work to us (keeping jobs in America, incidentally) —  and focus on other areas of your business while we handle your logistics.

Not quite as futuristic and exciting as pilotless flying contraptions, but tried and true and oh-so-efficient.

Sound like something your business would be interested in investigating? We can’t promise you drone-to-your-front-door quickness right now — not yet, anyway — but we can deliver the kitting, assembly, and packaging services that your company needs. You get to save time an money (along with the staff hours to fulfill these tasks) and build up other areas of your business. Look good to you? Get in touch. Our experts will be glad to talk over how we can work together and help your business reach new heights.