Workers processing boxes on conveyor belt in distribution warehouse

How to “Go Green” with Your Packaging

Are you looking for ways to keep your environmental footprint low? A great place to start is by “going green” with your packaging. By using recycled or environmentally friendly materials, you can reduce your business’s waste and even save on shipping costs! Here are some ways to start going green with your packaging:

Use recycled materials

One of the easiest ways to save money on packaging materials and promote environmentally conscious packaging is by using recycled materials whenever possible. Consider switching to more eco-friendly, biodegradable materials, or using recyclable boxes to avoid creating unnecessary waste.

Right-size your packaging

Avoid “shipping air” by right-sizing your packages. A professional industrial packaging service can help you find the right size box for your products and streamline your packaging process. Shipping smaller boxes can also help protect your product and take up less space when it comes to delivery.

Keep the packing materials to a minimum

When preparing your orders to ship, avoid overstuffing boxes with packing materials. Use a limited amount of packing material to avoid creating excess waste. Overstuffing can also add unnecessary weight to your package, which can increase the shipping fees.

Encourage your customers to reuse your packaging

Another way to make your packaging more environmentally friendly is by encouraging your customers to reuse your packaging. For example, you can include a list of tips and tricks for reusing your company’s boxes inside every order. This way, you can help others recycle while promoting your business as environmentally friendly.

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