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Give Your Brand a Boost with these Packaging Tips

How much thought do you give to your product’s packaging? The right packaging not only protects your products; it also serves as an extension of your brand. Great packaging can also attract the attention of potential buyers and increase sales. Follow these tips to start thinking outside the box with your packaging strategy and give your brand a boost.

Go eco-friendly

Eco-friendly packaging includes packaging that reduces waste, uses recycled materials, and may be recycled or reused. According to a global Nielsen study, 55% of online consumers polled across 60 countries said they were willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies committed to sustainability and social responsibility. Ultimately, by incorporating environmentally friendly packaging into your business strategy, you may attract new customers and improve your bottom line.

Incorporate seasonal designs

Bring attention to your product by changing its packaging to reflect holidays or seasons. For example, use a different color palette or iconography to represent a seasonal or holiday theme without distracting from your brand’s core design. Using a seasonal or “limited edition” design is a great opportunity to connect with customers on an emotional level and entice them to try your product.

Encourage social media sharing

Many brands utilize clever packaging to make “unboxing” their product a memorable experience. By using unique designs or materials, you can make your package feel more like a present, which may even prompt customers to share photos or videos of your product on their own social media channels or blogs. You can also encourage social sharing among customers by incorporating a special hashtag into your packaging design.

Add a personal touch

Your product’s packaging also presents the perfect opportunity to create a personal connection with your customers. Consider placing a handwritten thank-you note in each order or including a coupon for a discount on the next order placed. Your customers will take notice of the extra effort you put into demonstrating your appreciation and remember the positive experience with your brand.

Partnering with a professional packaging service can help you find unique, innovative ways to reflect your brand’s personality with functional and appealing packaging. Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries offers cost-effective packaging solutions for businesses, including custom and seasonal projects. Contact us today to learn more about our packaging services and take a free tour of our facilities.