Fun Side of Kitting: Kits to Do With Your Kids

Our outsourced kitting service treats kitting work as serious business. That being said, we love what we do and we want to share our passion with you. Believe it or not, kitting can be a lot of fun Here are three kits to do with your kids, as recommended by the premier kitting service in Cincinnati, Ohio Valley Goodwill Industrial Services.

Dinosaur Skeleton Models

These models have been a favorite of kids for generations. They come in a variety of skill levels and can even grow along with your kids. Try this. When your son or daughter is young, work with them to build the skeleton of their favorite dinosaur. When they get a bit older, work with them to apply plaster to the skeleton and flesh out the dinos… well, flesh! Then you can paint the creative cretaceous craft together. The paint adds an extra layer of creativity to the project because nobody truly knows what colors dinosaurs were.

Volcano Kit

This one is a classic, and with good reason. Volcano kits offer hands-on experience in sculpting, a terrific science lesson and the opportunity to see something explode. While we think this may be a bit too played-out to win the science fair, it is still a great lesson and a lot of fun. When you build this kit with your kids, teach them about chemistry (the experiment relies on the violent reaction between an acid and a base) as well as geology (real volcanos form when magma from the earth’s mantle reaches the earth’s surface). Click here for a bit more info on the geological processes that lead to volcanos.

Solar-Powered Robot Kit

Alternative energy and robotics are two of the most exciting industries in the world. There are a variety of kits which combine the two disciplines and package them as kid-friendly projects. You can work alongside your child to teach the basics of mechanics as well as renewable energy. Some more advanced kits also teach basic programming techniques. Plus, science aside, you get to build a cool toy!

We like to think of our kitting team as a family. Kitting is hard work for us but it can also be a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy sharing these fun kits for kids with your family. And, when the time comes to do kitting work that is more serious, call Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Team.