Why Fast Shipping Matters to Millennial Consumers

One of the most popular audiences today’s companies are trying to reach is Generation X. Otherwise known as millennials, this generation is known for their use of the Internet, demanding quick and accurate service. A recent survey found that this audience was willing to pay almost double for expedited shipping, as compared to non-millennials. So how can you cater your fulfillment strategy to meet the demands of this highly-sought after market? We have a few pointers for understanding what matters to millennial consumers.

They expect instant gratification

It’s important to understand that millennials grew up with information and entertainment at their fingertips. Through smartphones and other digital devices, they can quickly and easily access the information they desire. This also comes into play with their consumer behavior. This market is willing to pay more to get their orders quickly and expect vendors to accommodate this.

They value order accuracy

In addition to desiring quick orders, this generation also expects their orders to be accurate. Returns and exchanges can be costly for your business and can cause you to lose customers. That’s why it’s important to prioritize both efficiency and accuracy in all of your orders. For many small businesses, outsourcing these tasks to a fulfillment company is a great way compete with big box stores. A company like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries has decades of experience helping small businesses like yours with the entire fulfillment process: from assembly to packaging, shipping, and even warehousing services. Contact us today for a free tour of our facilities and learn how we can help your small business.

They are quick to give feedback

In the age of social media, the millennial generation is not afraid to give immediate online feedback. This is why today’s small business owners must be ready to meet all feedback—especially negative feedback—with prompt and honest communication. Having a strategy for customer relations can help your business address criticism with grace. Remember, even negative feedback can only help your business grow and better address your customers’ needs.