Expert Packaging Tips for Small Business Owners

order fulfillment servicesRunning your own business can be overwhelming. You wear a lot of hats: CEO, CFO, CMO, secretary, order manger, and packager. While we can’t run your business for you, our packaging experts at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries can offer valuable tips on how to package up your items like a pro to save you time, money, and headaches.

Make a great first impression. Just like your storefront or website, the way your products are packaged will communicate volumes to your customers. Ensure that your packaging job is both functional and practical. While you may not be able to afford patterned boxes or fancy paper, consider neatly packaging items in brown paper with a hand-stamped logo.

Unwrapping your product shouldn’t be a chore. To cut down on costs and ensure the unpacking job isn’t frustrating for your customer, try using just one or two layers of bubble wrap when packaging fragile items, and securing them in an appropriately-sized box so they don’t slide around.

Affordable isn’t always cost-effective. Just because a packaging type is cheap doesn’t mean it will end up saving you money in the long run. If you choose a cheap but ineffective packaging material, you may end up spending far more money refunding or replacing and reshipping customer products than you would have on a slightly more expensive type of packaging.

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