Epic Assembly Services: Volkswagen Wolfsburg Plant

It’s an assembly plant so big that employees can ride bikes inside of it to get from one end of the factory to the other. The Volkswagen Wolfsburg Plant is the largest automotive factory in the world, and has been assembling cars within its massive walls since 1939.

The plant takes up an area of more than six kilometers (nearly four miles). The factory halls alone are large enough to fit the entire Principality of Monaco. Roads and railways connect areas inside and around the plants, including warehouses, administrative buildings, and various outdoor facilities. What do they need all those roads and rails for? About 210 double-decker rail cars and 185 trucks leave the factory every day, carrying about 3,200 vehicles. As for what goes in, supplies from about 2,600 sources, including raw materials, components, and system modules are trucked into the plant on 910 vehicles and 100 rail cars. Yes, it’s a massive enterprise.

To achieve all this production, the Volkswagen Wolfsburg Plant employs over 72,000 people. The steady work it provides is one reason that Wolfsburg was declared the richest city in the country, with a per capita income of $128,000.

Initially, the factory was built to create a “People’s Car” designed by Ferdinand Porsche, but the onset of World War II turned the factory’s production to armaments instead under the direction of the Nazi regime. After the war, the British military, who had taken oversight of the plant, commissioned the production of the Volkswagen Beetle, which began to roll out in December of 1945. The Beetle became a popular and iconic car. By 1974 when production ceased, 11,916,519 Beetles had been completed in the factor at Wolfsburg.

Since then, the factory has moved on to assembling the Volkswagen Golf, Golf Sportsvan, Tiguan and Touran models. Lest you think that the plant’s best days are behind it, in March of 2013, the seventh-generation Golf model was awarded European “Car of the Year.”

Autostadt Wolfsburg Panorama

Autostadt Wolfsburg Panorama

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