Epic Assembly Services: Self-Assembling Furniture

If you’re tired of all that assembly you need to complete for your latest Ikea purchase, there’s a new technology being tested that can help you out… someday.

MIT researchers have developed a type of material that can assemble itself using magnets that are only attracted to other magnets they have been uniquely paired to. Because they are only attracted to one another, there’s no risk of the object assembling itself in an incorrect way.

Right now, launching objects into a vat of water and waiting for them to attach themselves to each other by chance isn’t all that efficient. It takes about seven hours for a simple, chair-like object to form. But the possibilities that this technology opens up are huge.

Are you ready to watch a chair assembly itself? Here it is, time lapsed to save you hours of viewing time:

Fluid Assembly: Chair from Self-Assembly Lab, MIT on Vimeo.

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we know that not every job is going to assemble itself. That’s why we have a motivated workforce standing by to help with the assembly jobs that businesses like yours need to complete. Our social mission is to put people to work in our communities, and by working with us, you’ll be supporting that epic mission. Are you ready to send your job to our assembly team? Come and speak with us!