Epic Assembly Services: Robotic Chefs

Are robotic chefs the food-making trend of the future? We already have assembly lines that prepare, sort, seal, and package goods for us. So how much longer will it be until our fast food burgers pop off an assembly line, too? Maybe sooner than you think.

Several companies are experimenting with creating burger assembly lines that handle all assembly line work required to create your favorite fast food meal, from chopping vegetables and grilling meat to assembling and wrapping up the final product. The version of this robotic chef from Momentum Machines also saves space by taking up just 24 square feet.

Though it may seem revolutionary, the idea of the robotic chef is nothing new. There have been many in working order for fifty years or more. One automatic hamburger machine was created in 1964 at an AMF lab in Stanford and even had its own real working pilot program. Its size and complexity made it a little too difficult to implement, but here’s a look at how food made it down the assembly line in the prototype:

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, our social mission is to put people (not robots!) to work. We know that not every assembly job is going to be epic, but we sure think our motivated workforce is. They are standing by ready, willing, and able to help with your project. The truth is that every assembly job we complete for businesses like yours has a huge positive impact on our communities, so put people, not robots, to work for you today and come speak with us!