Epic Assembly Services: P&G Ivorydale Plant

Sometimes the most epic assembly plants have deep historic roots. But few have roots as deep as the P&G Ivorydale plant, established just outside Cincinnati, Ohio in 1885.

Incorporating the latest technological advances with a pleasant work environment, the Ivorydale plant was considered a very progressive factory for its time. It was even among the first companies to institute a profit-sharing agreement with employees due to a wave of labor unrest in 1887. This made the P&G workforce one of the most motivated in the country.

The Ivorydale factory complex sprawled across 243 acres, which housed 120 buildings. In 1890, P&G established one of the earliest research labs to look into ways to improve how Ivory soap was made. In 1911, a 43-acre food plant was added to begin production for Crisco shortening. Ivorydale is also the site of a monument erected to William Cooper Procter in 1934, the last member of the founding families to run the company.

Throughout the company’s growth, workers at Ivorydale remained loyal to P&G. Check out these historic photos from the 1937 Ivorydale flood, when P&G employees worked hard to assemble and fulfill orders despite terrible weather conditions:

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