Epic Assembly Services: America’s Largest Cheese Factory

In our continuing epic assembly series, this week we take a look at how one of America’s favorite foods is processed. No, we’re not talking about bacon – we’re talking about cheese!

Glanbia Foods owns the largest American-style cheese factory in the United States, and is appropriately located in “the peaceful Magic Valley region of Southern Idaho” (really!). The company actually operates two processing cheese plants in Gooding and Twin Falls Idaho, and two additional whey-processing plants in Gooding and Richfield. How much cheese does this operation produce? A staggering 400 million pounds of cheese every year.

How do they do it? Location helps – they’re right smack in the middle of some of the best dairy land in the country, which gives them access to local dairy farmers. The business that would later join Glanbia Foods has actually been in the area since 1907: the Nelson-Ricks creamery opened a cheese factory in Richfield that later became Ward’s Cheese when it changed hands. Avenmore Foods bought out Ward’s Cheese in 1990, then went on to change its name to Glanbia in 2000, all the while growing and expanding their operations. Annual net sales are now $815 million. Not bad for a little creamery that kicked off at the turn of the last century!

Attracting first-rate employees is also important to the company, and they hire only the best to help them make the world’s greatest cheeses. The cheese production process involves a lot of working parts, and a host of specialized positions. Here’s an overview of the cheese making process from another dairy that gives you a good idea of the whole operation:

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we know that not everyone needs to put together an epic cheese assembly line. But we’re all looking to make something. So if you have a job that needs assembling services, remember that you don’t have to go as far as Idaho to find dedicated employees committed to performing assembly jobs both large and small. Come and speak to us!