3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Struggle to Find Work-Life Balance

Many people start their own companies because they want to follow a passion, set their own hours, and achieve a better work-life balance. However, the truth is that many business owners work much longer hours than typical employees. The good news is that this work-life balance struggle can be prevented! Here are three reasons entrepreneurs struggle with work-life balance and how to prevent it.


One of the top reasons small business owners can’t find work-life balance is because they are constantly disorganized. Disorganization can manifest in a variety of ways: a messy workspace, cluttered email, or failing to set a clear work schedule. Ultimately, this all adds up to wasted time and more effort spent working instead of enjoying a personal life. If this sounds like you, it may benefit you to take some time to clear out your desk, read your emails, and set a firm schedule. When you regain control of your workspace, you may find that you are more productive.

No boundaries

Another common reason small business owners can’t achieve the work-life balance they desire is that they have no boundaries. If you find yourself answering work emails at all hours of the night or can’t seem to say no to extra responsibilities, you need to work on your boundaries. Once you know where work begins and ends each day, you can start creating a better balance between working and social or family time.

Failure to delegate

Lastly, many small business owners fail to find a healthy work-life balance because they try to do everything on their own. The simple truth is that no one person can do everything on his or her own to run a successful company. You must learn to delegate responsibilities to others if you ever want to achieve a work-life balance. One way to delegate business tasks is by outsourcing these responsibilities. Outsourcing aspects of your business like assembly, packaging, and fulfillment service to a trusted third party company is one way to ease the burden of your small business. Companies like Ohio Valley Goodwill can provide expert B2B services with tasks like assembly, shipping and order fulfillment.

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is possible! If you want to learn more about our quality B2B services, contact us today for a free tour of our facilities. We have over 100 years of professional experience handling services for small businesses just like yours and helping business owners find a better work-life balance.