Does Your Small Business Suffer from these Common Marketing Problems?

common small business marketing problemsSmall business marketing problems are common. Every business owner is struggling to do more with less, and in the whirlwind of product design, fulfillment, and regular business operations, marketing concerns can get shuffled to the bottom of the pile. It turns out that many entrepreneurs struggle with the same issues when it comes to marketing.

No marketing plan. When was the last time your business created a marketing plan? A marketing plan isn’t a “one and done” exercise that you create as part of your business plan, but an ongoing project that should be revisited at least once a quarter. As the social and political climate changes, so too may your marketing strategy. Economic prosperity or decline may also influence how you position your product in the marketplace. Messaging that worked effectively the year before may not be as resonant, especially as your product gains awareness in the marketplace.

Questionable vendor relationships. Who you partner with can heavily impact how you are perceived in the marketplace. Vendors with a poor reputation can tarnish your good name by association. This is one reason why so many small business owners partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries for their packaging, assembly, kitting, and fulfillment needs. We have over a century of business experience behind us, and a worldwide reputation for good works. Partnering with Goodwill also means supporting our mission of employing veterans and persons with disabilities in our communities. Request a free tour of our facilities.

Ad spend without results. It can be tempting to pour money into multiple marketing efforts without considering your goals, or measuring results. But before you invest in any campaigns, the first thing you should always determine is what you hope to achieve with your ad spend and how results will be measured. This is the only way to ensure that you are spending your marketing dollars on efforts that produce results. If you don’t achieve your goals or see any results, go back to your marketing plan and rethink your strategy.