Common Kits We Put Together at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries

We talk a lot about kitting here at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries. We love kits of all shapes and sizes, but we’re often asked what types of kits we typically put together on our own assembly floor. Well, wonder no more! Here are just a few common kits that we assemble for companies across the region every day:

Transmission Repair Kit: Ford Motor Company

When service technicians repair your transmission, they need a particular set of tools to do it quickly and efficiently. We have put together these repair kits for Ford Motor Company for decades!



Groove Clamps: Dixon Bayco

These aluminum groove clamps from Dixon Bayco ensure leak-tight connections that secure pipe ends.

Groove Clamps pic 3


DayQuil Sample Pack: Cintas

Ever wonder who puts together those sample single packs of medicine? It might be a kitting service like ours! Cintas provides comprehensive supplies for small businesses and the people who work there – including these DayQuil kits for those who are feeling under the weather.


Day quill


Ground Bolt Kit : Dixon Bayco

Our friends at Dixon Bayco also rely on us to assemble these ground bolt kits, which help secure outdoor structures and/or cables to the ground.

Ground Bolt


There you have it; four common kits that we put together every day here at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries. Do you have kits like this that you need assembled? We’re standing by to help. Come take a tour of our facilities!