Cincinnati Packaging Service Sends Competition Packing

How does Ohio Valley Goodwill win so many contracts for packaging services in Cincinnati? It comes down down to 3 factors:


We are much more than a packaging service. We offer a full spectrum of outsourced B2B services. It is not uncommon for a firm to partner with us for kitting and end taking advantage of our packaging and fulfillment services too. We provide fantastic efficiencies for our clients because we want our business offering to be a broad as possible. Goodwill’s goal comes down to one simple phrase: We Put People to Work! That means we are always looking to expand the services we offer, and we have been at it for nearly a century. That is a lot of time to accumulate experience! Packaging may not seem like a complex field on the surface, but we have sorted all of its complexities.


Ohio Valley Goodwill does all of our packaging work by hand (again, to insure we put as many individuals as possible to work). This means that lead times are lower and operations can pivot at the drop of a hat. Machine-driven packaging companies may boast about their speed, but they are only competitive under the most ideal conditions. A human powered workforce is able to bring flexibility and problem-solving skills to the table, allowing it to operate at the speed of commerce.


There is no job too big for the Goodwill’s outsourced packaging service in Cincinnati. Our workforce numbers in the hundreds, and we have worked for many of the region’s largest brands. Again, it comes back to the fundamental goal of employment. You may be noticing that pattern. Here is something else to think about: Ohio Valley Goodwill could not employ as many Cincinnatians as we do unless we were very very good at what we do. Your packaging needs will be met when you partner with our team of B2B professionals. There is no job too big or too small.

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