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A Change for the Better: Why EPS Specialties Enthusiastically Endorses Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries

When your business specializes in custom-designed and manufactured retail elements, it’s a challenge to find a reliable and cost-effective packaging resource. That’s the situation EPS Specialties, Ltd, Inc. experienced for many years—nearly 30, to be exact! During those years, EPS…
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5 Ways Business Owners Can Support the Community this Giving Season

As Thanksgiving draws near, now is a perfect time for business owners to consider how they can give back to their local communities. Supporting the community is one of the best ways to promote your business and spread the word…
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How to Stop Selling on Price Alone: Tips for Today’s Business Owners

The traditional, low-cost leader strategy is a battle between companies to discover which will come out as the lowest cost manufacturer of products or services. The company that wins the contest can decide how high or low its profit margins…
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How Strategic Planning Can Make Your Business More Successful

When you first started your business venture, you probably had a clear vision for what you wanted to accomplish. It was just you, perhaps a partner or small team, working towards a common goal. Everyone knew their role, and it…
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Sail Past Your Competitors with Superior Packaging

Selling against larger companies can sometimes seem overwhelming. These corporations often have big budgets, sophisticated systems, aggressive sales and marketing, mass distribution, and thousands of customers. How can small companies measure up and stand out? You might be surprised to…
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6 Ways You Can Stay Passionate About Your Business

Take a moment in your busy day to go back in time. Remember your first “romantic” relationship? The newness of a crush was exhilarating, and you spent endless hours thinking about it. And then, as time went by, you may…
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This is How to Scale Your Business Without Losing Quality

Can a business add a lot of new customers at high speed and keep costs down while maintaining quality? If it sounds like a trick question, it’s not—it’s what scaling is all about! Scaling, unlike the concept of “growth,” means…
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How to Manage Employee Costs for a More Profitable Small Business

“What I do when my employee costs are threatening my profit margins?” It’s a question many—if not most—small business leaders must ask themselves. With labor costs taking a big bite out of the budget, it’s tempting to only think in…
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How to Find Top Talent on a Small Business Budget

With limited recruiting budgets, many small businesses have a hard time competing against larger companies for top talent. Never fear—you can still add quality workers to your team when you think outside of the box. For instance, many businesses are…
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Why You Should Test Your Next New Idea with Local Outsourcing

As a small business owner and successful entrepreneur, you’ve proven your ability to create and produce a product that sells. Now, you have a new product idea, and this one could be the next big thing! What’s your best course…
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