Learn about our clients, business practices and the results we deliver. Whether your outsourcing need is packaging, kitting, fulfillment or assembly services, these articles will help you understand our commitment to success.

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Level Up Your E-Commerce Fulfillment with Goodwill!

When you operate an e-commerce store, order fulfillment is a top priority. Order fulfillment starts as soon as your customer places an order, and ends when they receive their delivery. As your company grows, having fast, efficient, accurate, and affordable…
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What Are Kitting and Assembly Services?

In today’s fast-paced business world, slow shipping and handling aren’t an option. Customers want their orders to be accurate and on time — and they won’t settle for anything less! Your growing business needs fast, flexible fulfillment to stay ahead…
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3 Things That Might Be Missing from Your Order Packaging

Whether you’re running a large operation with bulk packaging needs or fulfilling small, individual orders for an online business, order packaging is important. You want your packaging to protect your products while ensuring that orders are fulfilled on-time and delivered…
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Wide view of warehouse with kitting services

Make a Difference in Your Community with Outsourcing

Ohio Valley Goodwill's assembly and kitting services benefit businesses and the community! Learn more about our local outsourcing services.

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Back to Business: 3 Productivity ‘Hacks’ for Small Businesses

Small business owners are always looking to improve efficiency. Here are some time-saving tips from Ohio Valley Goodwill's Industrial Services Division.

Rows of shelves with boxes in modern warehouse

3 Ways to Make Your Business More “Green”

Choosing to make your business more eco-friendly is not only good for the planet, but it’s also good for your bottom line! “Going green” can help your company save money, improve productivity, and boost your image in the eyes of…
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Hire vs. Outsource: Which is Right for Your Small Business?

As a small business grows, there often comes a time when leaders have to make a decision. Should they hire additional employees or outsource to a third-party provider? Many business leaders face this difficult decision. The answer is: it depends!…
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4 Smart Ways to Lower Overhead Costs for Your Business

Overhead costs. Every business has them, and every business would like to find ways to reduce them. Although overhead costs are critical to operations, they are rarely tied to revenue. Regardless if sales are up or down, overhead costs always…
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Proven Strategies for Your Next Small Business Product Launch

It’s always impressive to see entrepreneurs continually driving new product innovations into the marketplace. It takes hard work to bring a product to market, and not every product or service launch pans out. In fact, most fail within the first…
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Small Business Growth Tip: Master the User Review

It’s a fact: product user reviews influence buying decisions. While face-to-face, personal recommendations are typically the most compelling type of “advertising,” today’s consumers highly trust online user reviews, too. A recent survey found that 85% of consumers rely on user…
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