Learn about our clients, business practices and the results we deliver. Whether your outsourcing need is packaging, kitting, fulfillment or assembly services, these articles will help you understand our commitment to success.

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Mastering the E-commerce Order Fulfillment Process

In recent years, e-commerce has taken the business world by storm. No longer are business owners tied to the inflexible, brick-and-mortar storefronts of traditional retail. All types of industries are utilizing online shops to replace or enhance in-person sales, offering…
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Three Advantages of Manual Assembly Over Machines

Business is humming at the facilities of Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division and there’s a good reason why. When you outsource your assembly work to us, you’re hiring a flexible, intelligent workforce that loves their job and works tirelessly…
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Your Business Can See More Green When You “Go Green”

Going green isn’t just a buzz phrase, it’s how more and more of your customers will be making buying decisions. That’s because over the next several decades, the biggest and wealthiest generation in U.S. history will pass over about $30 trillion…
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Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Assembly Work

Third-party logistic companies (3PL’s) provide many advantages that make them attractive to companies. Outsourcing benefits include… Flexibility. Need to scale up, change your processes or add new capabilities? 3PL’s are adaptable to your changing business needs. Focus. Outsourcing logistics lets…
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Smart Solutions for your Business Growing Pains

In today’s marketplace, business is booming. One outcrop of this healthy-growth environment, however, is companies feeling the pinch on production capacity. Business leaders need to optimize operations, and one way, perhaps, is by bringing on new production workers. But, with…
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3 Signs It’s Time to Switch Packaging Partners

Product packaging is one of the most important marketing and communication tools for today’s brand. Packaging helps products stand out on store shelves and communicates a brand’s messages with its customers. In some ways, packaging can be nearly as important…
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Be a Job Creator: Partner with Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division

You may be familiar with Goodwill’s donation-resale cycle, a business model that helps fund our mission to provide job training and employment placement services to people in need. But did you know that there are other ways to support Goodwill’s…
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What’s the Difference Between Assembly and Kitting?

When it comes to choosing the right fulfillment solution for your growing business, you may have plenty of questions. If you’re curious about the difference between kitting and assembly, we have the answers for you! Here’s a closer look at…
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Bundle and Save: Advantages of Kitting Services

Kitting has long been used as an effective fulfillment strategy in all types of industries. Kitting involves the gathering of similar items into kits which can be packaged together as a single unit for sale. Many different retail, e-commerce, and…
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Fulfilling Goodwill’s Mission with Business Services

For years, Goodwill has been recognized around the world for our presence in the retail space. But one of our “best-kept secrets” is Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Industrial Services Division, which provides innovative business-to-business services for firms in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky,…
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