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Rows of shelves with boxes in modern warehouse

3 Common Inventory Mistakes to Avoid

Ineffective inventory management can cost your business time and money. Even some of the most prominent companies have suffered the consequences of poor planning and inefficient inventory management. Nike, for example, lost millions of dollars in sales in the early…
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How to Improve Customer Service in the Digital Age

Most business leaders know the importance of providing good customer service to attract and retain loyal customers. Happy and satisfied customers are likely to have strong brand loyalty and recommend the company to their family and friends. But with so…
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4 Things All Highly-Effective Business Leaders Do to Succeed

If you’re like most business leaders, you’re highly motivated to succeed and always looking for ways to improve your organization. However, being a successful leader is about more than completing tasks – it’s about prioritization, communication, and delegation. Here are…
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How to Satisfy Customers’ Need for Fast Shipping

Today, more and more consumers come to expect the convenience of fast, free shipping from online retailers. A recent survey from Retail TouchPoints found that 65% of consumers want greater shipment flexibility and 61% want faster deliveries. Is your e-commerce…
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Hand write a chart of Hire and Outsource on chalkboard

3 Reasons to Outsource this Holiday Season

Outsourcing can be beneficial for businesses at any time of year, but it can be particularly helpful during the busy holiday season. Many businesses experience a seasonal rush of orders that quickly overwhelms their in-house staff. Without the support to…
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How to Go the Extra Mile with Seasonal Packaging

The holidays are right around the corner, and many retailers are taking advantage of the season to update their traditional packaging with more festive designs. Are you wondering if your business can benefit from special seasonal packaging? Here are some…
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Workers processing boxes on conveyor belt in distribution warehouse

4 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Outsource Order Fulfillment

Fast, efficient order fulfillment is a critical component of effective supply chain management for any business. But as your business experiences growth, you may need to seek help from an outside fulfillment provider to keep up with the rise in…
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Rows of shelves with boxes in modern warehouse

How Ohio Valley Goodwill Helps Fill Gaps in the Workforce

In the United States, employers across all industries are facing a similar problem: preventing gaps in the workforce. With today’s hot job market, more and more companies are having trouble finding additional workers to keep up with increasing demand. Attracting,…
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4 Stress Management Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are notoriously busy people. Because most business owners must wear many different hats and do multiple tasks at a time, it can be difficult to manage stress and avoid becoming overwhelmed. While everyone handles stress differently, there…
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4 Things to Do When Business Slows Down

In the business world, there will always be occasional slow periods. Whether it’s due to seasonal trends, changes in the local economy, or just a drop off in demand, slowdowns are inevitable in any industry. In general, a slow period…
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