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Made in America Doesn’t Mean ‘No Outsourcing’

The economic advantages of outsourcing can be huge for business owners. It comes down to one of the most basic concepts of economy, comparative advantage. For those of you who haven’t studied for this week’s exam, here is a brief…
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Cincinnati Assembly: 5 Best Combos Ever Assembled

Hit up any fast food restaurant in Cincinnati and you will see that Americans love to assemble combos. And, when it comes to putting things together, there is nobody better than the outsourcing team at Goodwill B2B. We quizzed the…
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Let Our Outsourcing Service Help You Grow

The weather is improving in Cincinnati. That means the Spring, the season of growth and rebirth is nearly upon us. Just like the green leaves and early Spring flowers, your business should also be taking every opportunity to grow. Outsourced…
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Top 5 Big Things That Come In Small Packages

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s state-of-the-art packaging service in Cincinnati is proof that big things come in small packages. The packaging company you use may not seem like a big choice, but outsourcing your packaging services to Ohio Valley Goodwill creates jobs…
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Our Kitting Service Names The 5 Best Kits Ever

5.) LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Clocking in at 3,000 pieces with a price tag of $2K in licensing fees and plastic brick costs, this is the ultimate LEGO fan’s LEGO kit. It has been discontinued and resurrected in countless forms…
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A Ship-Shape Fulfillment Service in Cincinnati

Ohio Valley Goodwill provides the fulfillment service in Cincinnati that makes boxing a breeze. Logistics can seem mystifying especially in an age where you probably own more things made across the world than across the street. We have been a part…
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Cincinnati Packaging Service Sends Competition Packing

How does Ohio Valley Goodwill win so many contracts for packaging services in Cincinnati? It comes down down to 3 factors: PACKAGING SERVICE We are much more than a packaging service. We offer a full spectrum of outsourced B2B services.…
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