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Top 5 Big Things That Come In Small Packages

Ohio Valley Goodwill’s state-of-the-art packaging service in Cincinnati is proof that big things come in small packages. The packaging company you use may not seem like a big choice, but outsourcing your packaging services to Ohio Valley Goodwill creates jobs…
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Our Kitting Service Names The 5 Best Kits Ever

5.) LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Clocking in at 3,000 pieces with a price tag of $2K in licensing fees and plastic brick costs, this is the ultimate LEGO fan’s LEGO kit. It has been discontinued and resurrected in countless forms…
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A Ship-Shape Fulfillment Service in Cincinnati

Ohio Valley Goodwill provides the fulfillment service in Cincinnati that makes boxing a breeze. Logistics can seem mystifying especially in an age where you probably own more things made across the world than across the street. We have been a part…
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Cincinnati Packaging Service Sends Competition Packing

How does Ohio Valley Goodwill win so many contracts for packaging services in Cincinnati? It comes down down to 3 factors: PACKAGING SERVICE We are much more than a packaging service. We offer a full spectrum of outsourced B2B services.…
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