Benefits of Outsourcing With Goodwill

How can Ohio Valley Goodwill’s outsourcing service help your business save money and achieve greater results in packaging, kitting, assembly fulfillment and janitorial services? Our unique approach to outsourcing labor in Cincinnati gives Ohio Valley Goodwill distinct advantages over other outsourcing services.

A flexible workforce driven by human intelligence

All of the packaging, kitting, assembly and fulfillment services provided by Ohio Valley Goodwill are performed by hand, utilizing workers from Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana. We offer a large workforce of diverse employees who care deeply about the quality of their work. This enables Ohio Valley Goodwill to complete jobs at a massive scale, while utilizing the problem solving power of an intelligent workforce. Unlike machine assembly lines and kitting services, which need to be stopped, retooled and restarted, every member of our workforce is independently empowered to complete their job. Ohio Valley Goodwill’s approach to packaging, kitting, assembly and fulfillment saves time and reduces overhead.

We provide janitorial services and facilities management throughout Cincinnati because our employees pay unparalleled attention to detail. Ohio Valley Goodwill provides businesses with janitorial services and facilities management professionals who love their jobs, find validation in their work and strive to exceed expectations.

An outsourcing service able to work at any scale

Some businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana have chosen to automate their packaging and assembly operations, or use for profit assembly, kitting and fulfillment companies. However, none of these options can match Ohio Valley Goodwill’s ability to offer businesses a large-scale workforce of motivated individuals. We have served Greater Cincinnati for nearly a century by providing fulfilling employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Without business partners, however, we are limited in the number of jobs we can provide. The community members we serve are highly trained, exceedingly motivated and ready to take on jobs of any size. There is no facilities management, janitorial or assembly job in Cincinnati too big for the Ohio Valley Goodwill team.

An economical outsourcing option without for-profit middlemen

Ohio Valley Goodwill is a highly respected non-profit organization. The ability to continue offering services to individuals with disabilities, veterans and youth in Cincinnati is entirely dependent upon building and maintaining strong relationships with the businesses we serve. Our bottom-line is the good we are able to create for individuals and businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. That means we can offer our services to businesses at an outstanding price point. Our current partners, including the Ford Motor Company, have found that a partnership with Ohio Valley Goodwill is morally and financially rewarding. Outsourcing packaging, kitting, assembly, facilities management or janitorial services to Goodwill is a rare business opportunity that benefits the community and the bottom-line.

A versatile operation which responds to changing needs

Ohio Valley Goodwill does all its work by hand, using a large workforce of motivated individuals. That means changes to your business operation can be executed quickly and seamlessly, without having to rework assembly lines or packaging equipment. Our B2B services team will work directly with you to find the best options for your business. Your plans will be put into action using business strategies that have been perfected over decades of service to firms in Greater Cincinnati. Our team has a proven track record combined with versatility and results that can only be provided by a workforce of real people who love their jobs. Contact one of our business development professionals today to see what Ohio Valley Goodwill can do for you.

A social mission that impacts Greater Cincinnati

Ohio Valley Goodwill is dedicated to providing meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities. We give Greater Cincinnati residents the opportunity to earn a living, enjoy the self-esteem boost that comes with employment and interact with their communities. Inclusive communities, where all residents can make an impact, are communities with a bright future. When you partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill, you get more than an efficient and economical partner for your assembly, kitting, packaging and janitorial services needs — you get the self-satisfaction of knowing your business has made Greater Cincinnati a more just and inclusive region. Businesses that work with Ohio Valley Goodwill become a part of our story; every product they sell is a grassroots reinvestment in the community.

A non-profit partner with decades of experience

Ohio Valley Goodwill has been serving communities in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana since 1916. We have seen the world change in ways that our founder, Rev. Richard Scully, never could have imagined. The experience we have gained while keeping pace with nearly a century of progress is an invaluable asset. When your business partners with Ohio Valley Goodwill, our experience becomes a tool at your disposal. Whether your firm is new to Cincinnati or has been in the region for years, supporting our mission will empower your business.

Proven results providing contract labor for top brands

Ohio Valley Goodwill has provided total facilities management, janitorial services, packaging, kitting, assembly and fulfillment services to some of the top businesses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. Our history of success means businesses can be confident that a choice to partner with Ohio Valley Goodwill is a smart move. Visit our testimonials page to see what some of our satisfied partners have said about outsourcing services from Ohio Valley Goodwill.