Back to School Packaging Tips from the Pros

For young people working toward a college degree, the upcoming autumn weather signals a return to campus. Anyone who has been in a college dorm will attest that the rooms aren’t exactly spacious. Often times… less of a suite and more of a shoebox. So what to do? Pack wisely.

Ohio Valley Goodwill knows a thing or two about professional packing, and we love it when people make he most of their space. Everything neatly ordered, properly placed, and snuggly compartmentalized.
So here now… some professional packing tips from some professional packers (along with some oh-by-the-way items to take along). Young people of academia unite!
Roll your clothes — This is a major space-saver. Roll ’em up and stash side-by-side in a suitcase, which will leave you with more room than usual.
Stuff socks and underwear in empty spaces — Unless Superman is giving you the X-ray vision treatment, who cares if your undergarments get wrinkles? Further, these are great buffers to stuff into awkward spaces to snug everything up and minimizing jostling while bags shift en route.
Little plastic baggies can prevent major messes — Who wants a toothpaste explosion over school supplies? Quarantine all liquids, gels, and other messy items in their own plastic baggies. That way, if there’s a blow-out, it’s self-contained. Instead of on your thesaurus.
Recycle empty plastic cases — Empty Tic Tac containers, old eyeglass cases, used prescription bottles, and more can be revived to protect your stuff. Just empty out and clean, and you’ve got a sturdy container to keep you better organized while avoiding breakages.
Got valuables? Bring a safe — Dorm rooms can often resemble Grand Central. So you want to protect your stuff. Especially if your roommate brings a visitor who looks a little… well, you get the picture. Anyway, if you want to safeguard grandma’s necklace or your stash of pizza money, sock it in a small safe and rest easy.
Bring an external hard drive — You may have everything saved on your laptop, but if that gets a soda dumped on it, you could be in trouble. Put your lecture notes, papers, and other important files on an external hard drive and slide it onto the bookshelf.
Take along some ear plugs — Maybe you haven’t met your new roommate yet. Maybe this person snores like a bear. Just sayin’.
Once you’ve got all your gear ready — and pack it in the most economical way — get out there and HAVE FUN.