ArtsWave Praises Efficient, Fast Turnaround From Goodwill Industrial Services

Launched in 1927, ArtsWave is the oldest and largest community campaign for the arts in the nation. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio and serving the Greater Cincinnati region, the organization provides support to over 100 community and arts organizations through targeted fundraising initiatives. It achieves this with a staff of fewer than 30 people which spearheads a community-wide effort that encompasses the work of over 40,000 passionate community organizers and volunteers.

In 2015, ArtsWave raised over $12M from its contributors to support local arts initiatives and unveiled a 10-year strategic impact plan – the Blueprint for Collective Action for the Arts – that aims to leverage the power of the arts to create a stronger economy and more collaborative and connected community.

Achieving this astonishing level of fundraising work required a strong network of well-supplied volunteers and fundraising staff. Getting fundraising campaign materials to them in a timely manner required outsourcing the assembly and fulfillment of those orders to third parties. Luckily, ArtsWave knows who to call for fast, cost-effective fulfillment of these services: Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries.

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According to Spencer Mapes, Manager, Event Operations; ArtsWave has been working with Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries for many years to fulfill the assemble and shipment of their campaign materials to over 250 companies in the Cincinnati area that run employee fundraising campaigns. Each company receives campaign supplies that may include pledge cards, campaign flyers, campaign posters, DVDs, and any other campaign materials that need to be posted to their offices. ArtsWave works with companies large and small, from PNC, Macy’s, and Kroger to small businesses with just twenty or fewer employees.

Where does Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries fit in this process? “We rely on Goodwill to ship out those supplies that we get in,” Mapes said. “The campaign coordinator will fill out an order form for how many supplies they need and we’ll send it to Goodwill, who will package and ship everything off. It’s fast turnaround, and happens really efficiently.”

When asked why ArtsWave continues to rely on Goodwill’s services, Mapes stressed the importance of supporting local nonprofits that give back to the community. “Being a non-profit,” Mapes said, “we find it really important to partner and do business with other non-profits in the community to support them. Goodwill provides a great service by employing the people that they do and providing work for that community. And we like to support that by giving them our business.”

Mapes also recommends the organization’s services to others looking to outsource their assembly, packaging, and shipping work. “I can count on them to do the job,” Mapes said. “The turnaround is very fast. It’s always within two days, and these are orders with anywhere from 40 to 100 different orders per submission.”

Through the support of tens of thousands of donors and the partnership of organizations like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, ArtsWave is able to continue its mission of supporting the work of more than 100 arts and community organizations in the greater Cincinnati region.

“We’re happy to give the good word on Goodwill,” Mapes said, “because we wouldn’t be able to do our (fundraising) campaign without their professional service.”

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