Animal Assembly: Nature’s Builders in Cincinnati

Ohio Valley Goodwill offers one of the oldest outsourced assembly services in Cincinnati, and we take great pride in our extensive experience. But we have to give credit where credit is due. There is one group of Cincinnatians that have been assembling things in the region for much longer than our team of qualified individuals with disabilities. Industrious colonies beaver of have been building dams in southwest Ohio since long before the first settlers arrived in the region. In fact, the Hopewell artifacts depict beavers on items as ranging from pipes to paintings. Interestingly, the modern beaver was not the first of nature’s assembly masters to roam Cincinnati. Up until 10,000 year ago, during the Ice Age, giant beaver inhabited the region.

When settlers did arrive in the Cincinnati area, it was bad news for beavers. Demand for fur from European colonists exceeded demand for any other resource, beyond even gold or land. Beaver hunting was rampant and beaver population suffered heavily as a result. Today, beavers are a treasured (if sometimes troublesome) natural resource in Cincinnati. Their commitment to quality assembly is an inspiration to our team, even though we know which group would win in a head to head assembly competition. Experience is no match for skill when it comes to outsourced assembly services, and the men and women of Ohio Valley Goodwill Industrial services team are the most skilled workforce in Cincinnati.

Still, we have to give the beavers credit. They work hard and look adorable doing it: