Advances in Assembly Technology: Self-Assembling Robots

Assembly technology has come a long way since the time of Henry Ford. Of course, technology can’t answer many of the needs of businesses looking to outsource assembly in Cincinnati. Outsourcing relies on quick response, low chance of error and the ability to pivot quickly. These skills are core to our outsourced assembly service, which capitalizes on human intelligence to get the job done right and limit reworking.

That being said, we are still huge nerds for assembly technology. Today we look at one of the coolest advances being made in high-tech assembly, robotic parts that can assemble (and reassemble) themselves. What if bridges could build themselves? What if a single piece of furniture could automatically rearrange its parts to be a table and chairs, a couch a bed or a bookcase? It may seem like science fiction, but these applications and more may not be too far from reality. That’s the dream of engineers working to construct small groups of geometric ‘bots that are aware of their position relative to one another, stack automatically and adhere to each other. If these goals can be accomplished, the robots could theoretically be ordered to create any object imaginable. Furniture and buildings could be just the beginning.

A group working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has already made the first steps toward making this incredible technology a reality. Their robots, which they call M-Blocks, contain no external moving parts and can stack on and stick to one another without any human intervention. Check out the video below to see M-Blocks in action:

Obviously this assembly is a long way from commercialization. If you are looking for a more down-to-earth assembly service, call Ohio Valley Goodwill. Our team of outsourcing experts can make your product with precision. Call today for more information.