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Ohio Valley Goodwill specializes in offering packaging, kitting, fulfillment and assembly services in Cincinnati. Goodwill has been providing temporary labor, contracted hand labor and fulfillment services to the Cincinnati, Southeastern Indiana and Northern Kentucky areas for over 50 years. Contracting with Goodwill is not only the process of outsourcing, but it is a partnership as well. We provide local contract labor to service the Tri-state area and train them specifically to your project to support your business. When you outsource to Goodwill’s Industrial Services, you can concentrate on your core competencies and streamline your operations.

The process of outsourcing is easy when working with Goodwill Industrial Services. Read about what some of our many customers say about Goodwill's services.
Benefits of Outsourcing with Goodwill
Outsourcing services from Goodwill offer great advantages to firms in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. We are ready to help your business.
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