A Win/Win Situation: Why Wyoming City Schools Chooses Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries

The need for reliable and affordable janitorial services is incredibly important to every business, but it is especially vital to our public schools. Seasonal schedules and tight budgets make it difficult to help from year to year. This was the situation faced by Wyoming City Schools, a school district located eleven miles north of Cincinnati. The town of Wyoming, Ohio is only about 2×2 square miles, and the district is responsible for the education of about 1900 students system-wide.

Jan Wilking is the Athletic Director for Wyoming City Schools, where – despite being a smaller school system – they offer about 25600_Horseshoe_blue varsity sports programs. This means they have a lot of athletic teams playing and practicing in their stadium every week. Their busy sports stadium was perfect for all of their programs, but suffered just one problem: good help for its cleaning and maintenance was tough to find.

While the athletic director prior to Wilking had used Goodwill Industrial Services for the task of cleaning the stadium on a few prior occasions, he admitted that he had not been as diligent in scheduling their help as he could have been.

After starting in the new position, Wilking contacted Todd Schreiber at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries and asked how the organization could help. Working with Schreiber, Wilking now creates a regular cleaning schedule for the stadium so that it is cleaned at least once a week – and sometimes twice – during the spring and fall sports seasons.

When choosing a company to partner with for this type of work, Wilking said that her top consideration was reliability.  “The last thing that I honestly want to think about,” Wilking said, “as I walk out to the stadium to set up for a game is ‘Did anybody pick up the garbage from the night before?’ or ‘Did the leaves get blown off the visitor’s stands from the storm we had three days ago?’ And I never have to worry about it (now). Because we have a schedule when they come. It there’s any issue, they communicate: ‘Hey, we’re out of garbage bags.’ ‘Hey, we need an extension cord.’ And we can take care of it right there. And for me, honestly, it’s been a lifesaver.”

Wilking reiterated that in addition to being communicative, Goodwill always keeps to their schedule. “They’re there when they say they’re going to be there,” she said. “I’m sure you’ve worked with contractors in service work and such sometimes and, you know, sometimes they don’t do what they say they are going to do. And frankly, I have never had that experience with Goodwill.

Affordability was also important to Wilking, as city school budgets can be tight. “The price is right,” she said. “I feel like we pay for a good service that’s provided. We don’t overpay. “

The relationship between Wyoming City Schools and Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries continues to remain strong. “We truly couldn’t be happier with the relationship we have,” said Wilking. “It’s truly a win/win.”