A Ship-Shape Fulfillment Service in Cincinnati

Ohio Valley Goodwill provides the fulfillment service in Cincinnati that makes boxing a breeze. Logistics can seem mystifying especially in an age where you probably own more things made across the world than across the street. We have been a part of Cincinnati’s changing history for nearly a century, and there is nothing that surprises our fulfillment team. We have survived off-shoring trends because we treat our customers as partners. Ohio Valley Goodwill’s industrial services staff will go the extra mile to ensure you completely understand your packaging operation, realize value from our partnership and achieve reliable results. Firms that work with us get more quality with less headaches.

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We are confident that once your business begins to benefit from outsourced fulfillment services, you will want to see what else Ohio Valley Goodwill can do for you. We also provide kitting, assembly and packaging services in a single Cincinnati location. By setting complementary services within a single business campus, we achieve incredible efficiency. Those savings are then passed on to our clients.

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