“A Business Really Benefits in Working with Goodwill”: Dixon-Bayco’s Solution for Kitting & Assembly Services

Dixon-Bayco is a leading innovator in the hose coupling industry. They manufacture the couplings that are affixed to numerous hoses such as those on air hoses, sand blasters, and pumps, as well as hose clamps and valves. The company’s headquarters is located in Chestertown, MD, but they have distribution centers around the globe, including a location just outside Cincinnati, Ohio.

For years, the Cincinnati location prepared coupling kits and coupling assembly for its products in-house before they shipped out to customers. But about five years ago, the company sought out a faster and more cost-effective solution to kit production. Among their biggest concerns in outsourcing this work was finding a company that could deliver when it came to speed and quality.dixon

Pauline Thornton, the Purchaser/Planner for the location, identified Goodwill Industrial Services as a possible partner. Thornton cited quality as her top consideration in evaluating what Goodwill had to offer. “The quality of their work is just exceptional,” she said.

Supporting Goodwill’s mission to employ veterans and people with disabilities in the region was also very important to her. “We want to give back to our community, too,” Thornton said, “and this was a wonderful way we thought that we could do that. And they’re always so sweet and appreciative of the work. It just really really gladdens your heart to see that there are people out here who need this kind of work and are happy to have it.”

Overall, Thornton said, the process of working with Goodwill has been seamless. When Thornton has a kitting project she needs to complete, she contacts her company’s personal representative at Goodwill to get a quote. Then her team arrives at the Goodwill facility to show Goodwill’s supervisors how the project should be completed. “We walk them through it and provide the material they need, whether it’s a drill or a screwdriver,” Thornton said. “Then we’ll put everything in a tote or on a skid, and come and pick up the material. When they finish a project, they drop it back off to us. Our QA checks it in.”

Thornton’s only concern before the project began was in how carefully Goodwill would track the materials Dixon-Bayco dropped off. It turned out her fears were unfounded, as they have never had an issue with lost materials. “They do more complex kitting for us now,” Thornton says, “and some light assembly. We have confidence that the work’s going to be done right.”

At the end of the day, Thornton said, “You’re going to get a quality product, you’re going to get it turned around in a timely manner. The price is very competitive. And you’re going to give back to your community. A business really benefits in working with Goodwill.”

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