6 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business this Holiday Season

small business packagingThe holidays present numerous opportunities to give your business a big boost. Shoppers are primed to buy, and if you position yourself just right, your business could be the place they spend their hoarded holiday dollars. Here are some ways to use the holidays to get a leg up on the competition this year:

  • Go to the holiday parties. We know all you want to do after you’ve worked all day is go home and watch TV on the couch. But social gatherings can help you round up news and information, meet future customers, and spread the word about what you do.
  • Plan a holiday networking event. Open houses during the holidays are always fun. They give you the same benefits of going to a party, with the added benefit that you can capture more potential customer data. There are many creative ways to pitch and promote your business during the holidays. If your office is open house-appropriate, host it there. Otherwise, find a space that is welcoming and central to your target audience.
  • Take advantage of Small Business Saturday. To compete with the big box and online retailers, the small business community started Small Business Saturday, which will take place on November 26 this year. More and more shoppers are hearing about the event every year. State and local governments are also promoting it more and more. Be sure you find out how to get your business on the list of small businesses to shop at.
  • Start a Pinterest Pinterest is a social media site full of pictures that people love organized into topics. Go there now and type “welding” or “cupcakes” in the search bar. The results are incredible.  Start re-pinning what you like and post original pics of your own creative projects or products with links to your e-commerce page. You can follow whomever pins pictures you like.  When people start to pin your pictures, their followers see your work. Pinterest has been especially helpful for the crafting and retail industries.
  • Hold a planning retreat. The holidays are a great time to host a planning retreat. Invite your key personnel, create an agenda, and set immediate and long-term goals.  Be sure to hold the meeting off-site and spread some goodwill by buying everyone and their spouses dinner afterward.
  • Review your order fulfillment processes. Picking he right order fulfillment company can save you a lot of money. The best way to evaluate your processes is to consult with an expert.  Experience is important, so call a service like Goodwill Industrial Services for a free tour of their facilities – they have over 100 years of business experience that you can draw from. You will likely identify savings in several areas, such as more sensible packaging options, more efficient assembly methods, and lower shipping rates. Funnel the savings back into sales and marketing for the jumpstart you need this holiday season.