5 Ways to Make a Small Business Look Larger

small business look largerSmall business owners run a tight ship. In 2013 Forbes Magazine found that 22 million of the 28 million small businesses in the United States were run entirely by self-employed owners who employ no additional staff. Additionally, 52% of small businesses are entirely home-based.

While we all understand, logically, that businesses with a single owner/employee can be professional and capable, there is still a perception in American that bigger is better. So how can you project the confidence and reliability of a larger company while maintaining your small-business-sized overhead?

  1. Customize your web presence. While the “do it yourself” attitude serves many small business owners well, a company’s web presence has become a vital piece of marketing collateral. Investing in a professional, customized site instead of an off-the-shelf solution that’s been cobbled together can go a long way toward making your business look larger.
  2. Think about your title. While “Founder and CEO” looks great on your business card, answering the phone and routing orders as the “Founder and CEO” is a dead giveaway for the size of your company. Introducing yourself as the “Business Manager” while completing day to day duties and “Founder and CEO” when at networking events may inspire more confidence in your vendors and customers.
  3. Partner with a reliable outsourcing company. Having the ability to ramp up or down your workforce with customer demand is vital to maintaining your company’s professionalism. Companies like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries can take on your assembly, kitting, packaging, and even shipping tasks. This can reduce your overhead and increase the speed at which your company gets product out the door.
  4. Use consistent and professional branding. Going hand-in-and with your web presence, all of the marketing and publicity materials you distribute should have the same consistent look and feel. Ensure that the logos you are using are designed to look appropriate on the type of materials you are creating and the colors and fonts give your company a professional appearance.
  5. Make it easy to process payments. Giving vendors and customers the ability to pay online is a simple solution that makes your small business look slick and professional for very little cost. Quicken and Intuit offer solutions for easy online bill pay that can be integrated with Paypal, Stripe, or other third-party payment sites.

If you’re looking for ways to make your own small business look bigger, Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries can help. We have over a century of business experience, and a skilled, motivated work force that supports our greater mission to employ veterans and people with disabilities throughout the Ohio Valley region. Contact us for a free tour of our facilities, and let’s explore how we can put our people to work for you. See what other business owners are saying about working with Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries.