5 Ways Packaging Solutions Can Save Your Business from Disaster

As a small business owner, you know that the difference between success and failure is often in the details. Seemingly small decisions – like the type of packaging you use to move product – can have a big impact on your bottom line. Here are five reasons that choosing the right packaging solutions can save your business from disaster.Packaging, Assembly, Kitting & Fulfillment Services

1) Weather fluctuations can negatively affect your product. If your company ships to a region with temperature swings and hostile elements including snow and ice, make sure you have the packaging to withstand the elements. Sturdier packaging during winter months—when a delivered box could sit on a soggy porch during a snowstorm—will always be a safer bet than a flimsier one.

2) Get more visibility for your brand. Your packaging should spotlight your brand so that it is visible throughout the delivery timeline. A clear logo, your business colors, and some nice photography are easy ways for people to take notice of, and come to know, your brand. The journey the package will take from manufacturer to retailer is a great way to showcase your name, logo, and colors, and it can help you attract future customers.

3) Great packaging improves the customer experience. Much like the branding elements above, details that assist the customer are worth including, too. Helpful opening instructions (if needed) could save frustration and possible injury. Also, prominently-displayed phone numbers and websites can help customers find information at a glance. If you’re making them search for ways to find you, frustration could boil over and result in a lost customer.

4) Green packaging can save you money (and save the planet!). Choosing sustainable methods is always good for business. It puts your company in a positive light, exhibiting that you think enough about the environment to take action. Many of your customers will care if you have an eco-friendly record or not, and choosing recyclable materials is an easy way for you to check a box in that column. And, as noted, it is the future.

5) Correct packaging reduces product damage. No matter how sturdy, boxes on trucks and planes get tossed about and move constantly en route. Whether you choose the foam peanut or other forms of stuffing, fitting the item in the right packaging is a must. It’s an easy way to help ensure a customer smile when they open their box (while negating angry calls to the home office).

At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, we have a century of business experience that we put to work for you and your business every day. We know all about packaging options, and can advise your company on what works best. Best of all, our motivated, experienced staff can help get your product packaged and out the door quickly and professionally. Contact us for a tour of our facilities, and let’s get to work!