5 Things Your Assembly Service Doesn’t Want You to Know

Is your assembly service putting your business at risk? When partnering with any assembly service, it’s important to do your research, as not every service will be the right fit for you and your business. More importantly, when you are starting a relationship with a new company, you may not be aware of its history or reputation.outsource assembly work

  1. They are outsourcing your work. Ensure that your assembly service has in-house workers. Some assembly services will outsource your work to other companies, and add a substantial markup on top of that company’s pricing. It’s better to choose a service than can scale up or down in-house based on your needs.
  2. They have problems with quality. Quality control is a big issue in the assembly world. You pay to have the job done right. Unfortunately, some services don’t make quality a priority. Ask your assembly service about their quality control procedures, or read customer testimonials to ensure the service is praised for its quality, and not just its price or speed.
  3. They have a reputation for delays. Always research what other customers have said about your assembly service. If your assembly service is reputable, they will be happy to put you in touch with prior customers to get feedback about their experiences. Project delays can happen for all sorts of reasons, but if you find the company has a reputation for late projects, there could be systematic problems there that you don’t want to impact your business.
  4. They aren’t local. Many assembly services will have offices around the country, but will actually ship all their assembly work overseas. If you want to support local businesses, ensure that you are choosing an assembly service that employs people in your community, not one that just rents office space. Take a tour of their facilities to ensure you are partnering with the right service.
  5. Their staff isn’t well-trained or well-supervised. Many assembly services rely on temporary and transient labor that’s not local to the community.  At Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, our assembly team is made up of motivated individuals who reside in our community, and they have a drive and passion for work. Can you say the same about the staff at your assembly service?