5 Surprising Products Manufactured on Assembly Lines

work floor resizedWe all know that assembly lines can, in many instances, help businesses produce a more affordable, higher quality product than any other process. But how do you know if the assembly line can deliver the same for your product?

It turns out that the assembly line concept can be applied to all kinds of projects – large and small. Here are just a few of the most surprising ones:

  • Satellites. It turns out that big batches of satellites ordered by mobile communications companies are put together on assembly lines, then loaded up for deployment in space. It’s estimated that there are over 1,100 active satellites currently in space, and over 2,600 more that no longer function (the oldest dates back to 1958). That’s a lot of space junk!
  • Large construction projects like submarines are often completed in sections, which are rolled off an assembly line just like cars or trucks. Then the sections are delivered to a shipyard and put together there before launch.
  • Footballs are cut, stamped, and bound in batches on an assembly line like this one at the Wilson Factory. Each football is carefully inspected at each station in the assembly process to ensure quality.
  • The manufacturing of pencils requires a less hands-on approach than footballs, with much of the work completely automated for maximum efficiency.
  • Pinball machines. While you may still be under the impression that each pinball machine is a unique handcrafted work of art, the reality is that they, too, are constructed via assembly line. By breaking down each part of the machine’s assembly into a separate work station, pinball machine manufacturers are able to construct machines in a more cost-efficient way.

Assembly lines have been saving companies money and increasing efficiencies. Can they do the same for your business? Contact us at Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries today, and take a free tour of our assembly facilities. With over a century of business experience behind us, we are sure to find an affordable solution that works for you.