5 Big Business Tricks to Take your Small Business up a Notch

3 generations working at small design agency : Stock PhotoAs a small business owner, you often find yourself competing for work with businesses that have far more resources (and much deeper pockets) than you do. So, what can you do to convince potential customers that you are ready for the big leagues… without breaking your own budget?

  1. Beef up your web presence. It can be awfully tempting to just create your own one-page website with a few stock images and a contact number and call it a day. But in today’s world, the very first place that potential customers go to find out more about you is online. What message does your online presence convey? You can have the best people, the best products, the best services, but if that’s not reflected in your online presence, customers may swipe on by.
  2. Talk expertise, not seats filled. Big companies like to talk about their hundreds or thousands of employees, as if every one of those employees is going to be on deck and ready to serve customers. If you are a sole proprietor or run a business with just one or two staff, advertising that fact could turn off potential partners. Instead, talk about the years of expertise that you and your staff bring to the table. Would the customer rather have hundreds of people with limited knowledge who are distracted by other tasks, or a few who are absolutely qualified and totally dedicated to making them happy?
  3. Partner with a reliable outsourcing company. You may not be able to employ a large staff full-time, but if you do nab that customer with the huge order, you should ensure that you have the ability to call on additional staff as needed. Companies like Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries can take on your assembly, kitting, packaging, and even shipping tasks. This helps small businesses get product out the door faster, and frees you up to keep pursuing business.
  4. Branding matters! It’s a fact of business that we like to partner with people we like. Ensure that all of your branded materials, from your business cards to your website, convey the image of your company that you want customers to associate with you. Always be professional, warm, and friendly, and forge relationships in your community based on shared business values.
  5. Easy, simple invoicing for faster payments. No one wants to spend hours trying to figure out how to understand an invoice, whether it’s a vendor, partner, or customer. Strive to make your invoices as easy to read and simple as possible. Needless clutter creates resistance in customers, one of those, “Oh, I’ll look at that tomorrow” responses that leads them to tuck your invoice into a drawer and forget about it.

Are you looking for ways to help your small business compete in the big, bad world of big business? Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries can help. We have over a century of experience helping businesses just like yours succeed. When you choose us as your outsourcing partner, you are also supporting our greater mission to employ veterans and people with disabilities throughout the Ohio Valley region. Contact us for a free tour of our facilities. See what other business owners are saying about working with us!.