Fun With Packaging: The Best of Bubblewrap

Just as cats are drawn to empty boxes, humans are powerless when it comes to the magic of bubble wrap. Taking your thumb and pointer finger and placing the round, airy bubbles between them. We dare you not to go on a snapping spree. And we won’t judge you when you do.

Naturally, our teams at Ohio Valley Goodwill are well versed in bubble wrap. All things packaging, for that matter. Our people are experts here: kitting, assembly, packaging… they do it all. So we are no strangers to the magical ways of the bubble wrap.

While some people just snap these as a nervous habit or soothing security blanket, some have taken this popping to professional levels. Yes… world record status. Here now, let us marvel at world record attempts, the frenzied gatherings, and the sweet, sweet rhythmic cadence of a good sheet of bubble wrap getting the treatment.
We’re not interested in the ranking and numbers here… just the awesome power bubble wrap has in bringing together people and lighting up faces with smiles. Here we go with three such groups excelling at popping:
New Jersey in the house:

Elementary school youngsters get to popping:

Washington, D.C. gets in on the act:

Ah, that’s better. Those three videos above have one thing in common: harmony.
If you’re looking for experts in packaging (or kitting, or assembly), get in touch. Our pro’s at Ohio Valley Goodwill can fulfill these logistical services for you. So you save time and money while crossing some to-do’s off your to-do list. Get in touch with us, and we’ll be glad to discuss how we can handle your assembly and packaging needs.